Planning Your Engagement Party? Bring the Bar to You!

Want something different, fun and entertaining for your engagement party? Then you should try a mobile cocktail bar!

Perfect for couples who want to add some atmosphere to their engagement celebrations, companies like ProCocktails can provide an all-inclusive package or pay-as-you-drink service for both small and personal gatherings, as well as larger and grander celebrations.

Janison Costa of ProCocktails said: “A mobile cocktail bar has become a really popular and different form of entertainment for engagement parties. It really impresses guests – they get amazing drinks with fantastic service, and you’re free to enjoy your celebration knowing your friends and family are having a great time.

“A cocktail bar can add a touch of fun and glamour to your party, and we can work with the happy couple to create a bespoke menu, as well as a personalised signature cocktail.”

Mobile cocktail bars are great for almost any location, both indoor and outdoor, so whether you’re having an outdoor marquee or an indoor party night, it’s sure to go down a treat with guests.

“Just make sure there’s enough room for the mobile bar at your venue, as our bar is 2 metres long!” advised Janison.

Most mobile cocktail bar companies will offer a wide range of packages to suit all budgets.

“Our all-inclusive packages really are all-inclusive! Best suited for a larger celebration, our pricing structure ensures you don’t get any nasty surprises, and your guests can fill their boots!”

As an example, the ProCocktails all-inclusive option includes:

  • Free cocktail sampling session in advance
  • Delivery, installation, and disassembly of bar
  • All necessary cocktail-making equipment and speciality glassware
  • 2-metre long mobile cocktail bar (self-contained electricity supply)
  • 3 or 4-hour bar duration
  • 2 premium Mixologists (one a Flair Mixologist)
  • Premium spirits, mixers, and fresh fruit garnish

What is a Flair Mixologist you ask? Funny, we were thinking the same thing.

According to Janison: “A Flair Mixologist is one who can juggle bottles and tins while they are mixing your cocktails, so not only do your guests get delicious drinks, but they’re entertained while they wait.”

Sounds good to us.

If you don’t like the idea of all-inclusive, you may prefer a pay-as-you-drink option, which includes all of the above and involves a one-off fee with drinks sold to guests on a cash or card basis.

Take the stress out of planning your engagement celebration, so you can just turn up, and have fun!

With companies like ProCocktails, everything is taken care of, so you can relax and enjoy spending time with friends and family as you celebrate your engagement to the one you love.

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